Flappy Puffin Apk Mod Unlocked v0.9.1

Flappy Puffin Apk Mod

Size: 5.36 MB| Version : 0.9.1 File Type: APK |System: Android


Game Flappy Puffin Apk Mod:

A unique interpretation of pinnacle safeguard, set in an anime world!
Stunning waifus holding back to be spoiled!
1,000 years prior, Demon King, the genius behind the Void Calamity, was vanquished by a collusion of Humans, Fiends and Deities. His force mixed into three precious stones dispersed across Luna. Those hugely amazing precious stones transformed numerous Humans into Demon admirers. Presently an emergency is approaching, foreshadowed by the new mass rise of evil monsters. As a Realm Walker and a gatekeeper of Luna, this is your last opportunity to save the universe!
It’s an ideal opportunity to save Luna and open the secret of your introduction to the world! The experience is going to start. Is it accurate to say that you are prepared?

Flappy Puffin
Flappy Puffin
Flappy Puffin

Features for Flappy Puffin Game Apk:
– Challenge friends
– Relax
– Spend free time
– Enjoy the game
★Explore a fantastical world shared by Humans, Deities, Fiends and Demons, and guard Luna against satanic powers.
★Join world-celebrated saints in their experiences to open concealed side stories.
★Beautifully made character representations and anime-style models just as Live2D-empowered narrating inhale new life into chronicled legends.
Rich ongoing interaction where stunning waifus help you save the world
★Over a hundred strategic guides going from ice and day off, woods and magma!
★Fend off attacking beasts who have procedure modifying capacities like flying, fragmenting, shape-moving, and wizardry standing up to.
★Join powers with epic legends to outsmart beasts and save the universe!
A mix of pinnacle safeguard with hack-and-cut
★Dominate the combat zone by joining various abilities and classes.
★Build your own pinnacle guard group to butcher adversaries and break records.
★Use combos to back off, assemble, freeze and eradicate foes. Appreciate the fun of hack-and-cut.
A card draw framework where everybody can be a champ
★Daily giveaway of Card Draw Tickets ensure you get the saints you want!
★Even easygoing players can assemble free Hero Shards and meet their adored saints in Luna City.
★A center around procedure and Character Builds implies that whenever played right, a SR character can be as incredible as a SSR one.
Assemble bonds with your characters and release their latent capacity
★Start a relationship with different characters going from Lunara and Beira to Athena and Lamia.
★Deepen your bond with your dearest characters through cooperation and blessing giving.
★Awaken your saints with a solitary tap to make them all the more remarkable and permit them overwhelm Hero Brawl, Mythic Hall, Ancient Realm and Realm War play modes!

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