Zenko – Ice Slider Apk Mod Unlocked v1.319

Zenko – Ice Slider Apk Mod

Size: 5.73 MB| Version : 1.319 File Type: APK |System: Android


Game Zenko – Ice Slider Apk Mod:

Support Zenko the fox by slipping through the ice board through the tunnel flower through these tile-based puzzles.
Creature pieces have various mechanisms that can help you solve the levels when put in the right position.
Rearrange the board by putting the monsters in the correct tile and then help Zenko slip his way through the puzzles. Imagine the direction .Solve the levels in the least amount of moves possible to get 3 star ranking by sliding through the ice tiles to the target!

1. Imagine Zenko’s path to the flower tunnel

2. Move the creature tiles to a place where they will help you get to the goal

3. Slide to the flower tunnel using the creature tiles in your way!

Want a challenge? Solve every sliding puzzle level with least amount of moves to get 3 star rating. Every map has an optimal solution.

Tricky maps may require you to try out and imagine different paths and creature tile positions, enjoy and exercise your brain with these fun reasoning style puzzles!

Are you stuck?

Once Zenko has moved out of it’s initial position you can’t move any of the creature tiles. Restart the map to rearrange the creature tiles and try a new path!

Still stuck?

Ask for a hint to be sure you have creature tiles on the right place, then slide!

Try Adventure mode for sliding puzzle progression!

Adventure mode:

-Solve your way through 4 worlds, with 40 levels each.

-Every world has new mechanics introduced for new reasoning styles

-Journey your way through increasing difficulty tile-based puzzles

-New creature tiles to help Zenko on his way every world!

Looking for a challenge? Try puzzle of the day mode!

Puzzle of the day mode:

-Every day a new puzzle is added

-You can play the levels of the days you visit puzzle of the day mode

-Levels in puzzle of the day mode may include mechanics from all worlds

-Users can unlock 3 previous levels daily

-Users who buy no-ads version in game will get access to all the past levels

New modes coming soon!

Zenko - Ice Slider Apk Mod
Zenko - Ice Slider Apk Mod
Zenko - Ice Slider Apk Mod

Features for Zenko – Ice Slider Game Apk:

Premium (no-ads) benefits:

-No ads in game

-Infinite hints

-Access to archive of all past puzzle of the day levels

Tile types:

-Ice. These tiles are the standard ones, Zenko slides on them and doesn’t stop until he hits either a wall, a creature tile, or the goal.

-Walls. These tiles are crucial in getting Zenko to the goal since they are the ones he hits and stops sliding.

-Start. Zenko Starts in a position which turns into a statue once Zenko does his first dash. Don’t forget to try to use this statue as a wall when looking for solutions on each sliding puzzle! You can only move creature tiles when Zenko is in it’s starting tile.

-Goal. Once Zenko reaches the goal he will go to a new level. The trick to getting to the goal is to use the creature tiles to your advantage by placing them in the right place and use them as walls or direction changers.

-Holes. Zenko will fall and will be reset!

-Small flower. You can’t place any creature tiles on these tiles You slide just like ice over them. They’re a sign of a spring to come, hopefully faster with Zenko’s help!

-Fragile. You can go over these tiles once, then they break and turn into holes, becoming a hazard to avoid sliding into. If Zenko stops on one of these fragile tiles, he will fall with it!

Creature types:

-Pedro. Pedro works as a movable wall. Position him accordingly to enhance the board with a strategically placed wall that will help Zenko the fox reach the goal.

-Icarus. Icarus have a fixed direction they are facing. When you go through the tile right in front of them, they will change your sliding direction. Otherwise they work as a wall when you run into them from the sides or back

-Pedro Seed. A bag containing a Pedro, works as a normal tile for the first time, then a Pedro is spawned from it.

-Icarus Seed. A bag with a fixed direction. Works as a normal tile to begin with, then when you slide over it it becomes an Icarus!

~ Mobil Zenko – Ice Slider Game Mod APK ?

  • 1. Download the Apk file by clicking the download button below .
  • 2. Install and run it game will start after downloading. If the instalation didn’t work, try again next day.
  • 3. It’s easy.Enjoy it!

~ Desktop or laptop Download APK?

  • 1. Download the Apk file by clicking the download button below .
  • 2. Transfer Apk file from PC to your mobile device (Via USB , Bluetooth , Wi-Fi).
  • 3. Install and run it game will start after downloading. . If the instalation didn’t work, try again next day.
  • 4. It’s easy.Enjoy!

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