SimMayor Mayor Simulator Apk Mod Unlocked v1.0.1

SimMayor Mayor Simulator Apk Mod

Size: 5.31 MB| Version : 1.0.1 File Type: APK |System: Android


Game SimMayor Mayor Simulator Apk Mod:

Being a city hall leader is a difficult task, however somebody needs to do it, correct? 👔
Adaptable settlement 🏡
More than 125 structures to purchase 🏗
You need to keep your inhabitants glad 😅
React to catastrophes 🔥
Asset the crisis benefits accurately 👮‍♀️ 👨‍🚒 👩‍⚕️
Effectively reserve utilities 💦 ⚡
Make Profit 💰
Live it up! 😃
In case you’re an enthusiast of test systems, and considerably more so city building/chairman test systems, this is the game for you!

SimMayor Mayor Simulator Apk Mod
SimMayor Mayor Simulator Apk Mod
SimMayor Mayor Simulator Apk Mod

Features for SimMayor Mayor Simulator Game Apk

  • SimMayor is a book based city building chairman test system which gives you control of everything. When beginning the game, you can name your civic chairman, the settlement and resident names or, you can simply decide to randomize them, it’s up to you!
  • Whenever you’ve picked the principle subtleties, it’s an ideal opportunity to pick your beginning financial plan, environment you at that point pick on the off chance that you need the genuine experience of being on the ballot every year, or to simply have control inconclusively. 👔
  • In the event that you’re an enthusiast of city building test systems, at that point you’ll realize that a decent spot to begin another settlement is to really get a few occupants, correct? With a decision of different private structures, you can begin to make your optimal settlement. 🏡
  • Next up on the rundown, occupations! No one simply needs to experience everyday routine without having the option to acquire an experiencing, isn’t that so? With a decision of different business and places of business, it’s your obligation to ensure your inhabitants are utilized. Regardless of whether it’s working for a drive-through joint or, for a Tech Startup, any work is superior to none. 🏦
  • Alongside ensuring everybody has some work, you would be wise to ensure there’s sufficient utility structures to keep the settlement ticking over. From ensuring the trash gets discarded to ensuring there’s water emerging from everyones taps, its everything on you! In the event that you begin to flop around there, you’ll before long think about it! Occupants won’t stay silent for long. Regardless of whether they begin to discuss you on their online media or choose to revolt, you should be prepared! 😠
  • This currently drives us into the crisis administrations! To help guard your occupants, you need to utilize individuals for the police power, rescue vehicle and fire administration. If not, those flames will begin to spread farther than some frightful tattle about the civic chairman. 🚒 🚔 🚑
  • Just to cause you to remain alert, you will have a scope of various debacles that will spring up. Will you decide to fix structures brought about by a fire or will you essentially allow them all to catch fire? 🔥
  • Will you fix structures that have been vandalized as a component of the progressing riots around you since individuals don’t have clean water? 🏚️
  • To help raise the mind-set in and out of town, you can toss occasions and unite your occupants to make some extraordinary memories! On the off chance that this can’t raise the popular assessment, at that point nothing can! 🍻
  • At last, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to bring in some cash. To do this, ensure you have sufficient business structures to acquire benefit every month once the installments have been made for all the other things. In the event that you can’t get the hang of this, you can generally take hush-money that is offered to you, yet you need to cross your fingers that you don’t get discovered! 💰

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