Tamadog My talking Dog Apk Mod Unlocked v1.0.7

Tamadog My talking Dog Apk Mod

Size: 5.31 MB| Version:1.0.7 File Type: APK |System: Android

Tamadog My talking Dog Apk Mod

Game Tamadog My talking Dog Apk Mod:

Have you ever imagined about having a canine? 🙂 About a charming pup, that you will take care of…Dreams work out as expected – Tamadog is your new virtual companion! Deal with him, love and satisfy him.

Tamadog My talking Dog
Tamadog My talking Dog
Tamadog My talking Dog

Features for Tamadog My talking Dog Game Game ApK;

  • Make your fantasy a reality and get a virtual canine at this moment. A particularly, beguiling and charming little dog, who preferences having some good times, eating treats and taking selfies. You’ll never get exhausted with him. Find the Tomadog’s splendid world with an assortment of energizing undertakings!
  • Meet your new virtual companion in the Tamagotchi canine game! Simply take a gander at these adorable eyes that will dissolve your heart…Play with your talking little dog, give it delightful treats, go for it for strolls and simply have a great time throughout the day. Give him love and it will cherish you back!
  • Look at the Tamadog pet test system and appreciate dealing with your little companion. Envision that you are playing Tamagotchi – presently the interactivity is in the genuine world…It’s awesome!
  • The lone virtual canine that resembles and feels like a genuine canine. Feed it, pet it, play with it. Take it any place you need, your doggy will consistently be close by. You’ll never get exhausted with him.
  • Show everybody how your doggy is a delightful and charming creature. Attempt to get all the splendid minutes going through along with your virtual companion. Take interesting and clever selfies with your AR canine and make your own photograph collection brimming with upbeat recollections.
  • Your pet is worn out? Enjoy a reprieve – play smaller than usual little dog games to not feel exhausted alone. Challenge yourself in energizing Match 3 games, while your pet is resting. Find in excess of 300 degrees of the game and attempt to complete all them to procure unique presents for your canine. Make him significantly more joyful!
  • This overly addictive AR canine game is reasonable for the two grown-ups and kids. Appreciate spotless and basic interactivity just as distinctive and novel plan, you’ll clearly like it.
  • ► Enjoy these cool highlights with Tamadog:
  • ► TAKE CARE OF YOUR PUPPY IN REAL-LIFE: Your pet requirements regular consideration. Feed him, clean and play with him. You can play both 3D and AR mode. Permit the application to utilize a telephone camera and raise a canine right inside your home. Your VIRTUAL pet at long last moves to your REAL home!
  • ► RAISE A SMART PET: Record voice orders and train your canine. From “plunk down” to “break dance” – you can show your Tamadog loads of charming stunts. Converse with your companion, he is so friendly!
  • ► CAPTURE AMUSING MOMENTS: Take adorable selfies with your pup, make diverting recordings and offer them with companions!
  • ► UNLOCK NEW LEVELS: Keep raising a glad pet, play with him and appreciate additional exercises as a prize!
  • ►CHOOSE ADORABLE OUTFITS: Smart suits for light-footed male little guys and extravagant dresses for cushy young lady pups – spruce up your little creature gorgeously!
  • ► GET READY FOR CUTENESS OVERLOAD: Your new companion loves you and goes head over heels when you rub his midsection. Significantly more along these lines, he will happily lick your nose whenever you draw the screen nearer to him!
  • ► NEED A BREAK? Your pup is sleeping or you simply need to unwind from the day by day schedule? Attempt yourself in energizing little games and set your own precedents!
  • You are given loads of pup games to any taste: shooting bubbles is similarly as engaging as mending and preparing your canine in different and charming small games!
  • It is safe to say that you are as yet charmed? At that point it’s an ideal opportunity to at last get a little dog with the Tamadog canine game. Love it, deal with it and ensure it’s your closest companion.

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  • 3. It’s easy.Enjoy it!

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  • 2. Transfer Apk file from PC to your mobile device (Via USB , Bluetooth , Wi-Fi).
  • 3. Install and run it game will start after downloading. . If the instalation didn’t work, try again next day.
  • 4. It’s easy.Enjoy!

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